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Leading your organization from

Frustration to Clarity

We are Fractional (COO) Integrators Alleviating Business Owners & Entrepreneurs with Growth Mindsets who want to accomplish their Vision by implementing efficient operational business tools.

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What is a Fractional Integrator?

The Integrator is a compliment and necessity to the business owner (Visionary) who needs to stay high level and focus on the big picture.

What an Integrator does:

  • Remove any obstacles preventing the business from performing effectively

  • Glue for the Organization

  • Help run meetings between departments

  • Hold the leadership team to a high standard of accountability

  • Harmoniously integrate the Leadership Team

  • Moving the organization through problem-solving and towards meeting goals

  • Tie-Breaker for the leadership team

What makes this position crucial is that it allows for an owner to have someone who is accountable for focusing exclusively on improving the effectiveness of a business.

This ability to have someone work on the business rather than in the business is what allows companies to grow rapidly and overall function at a higher level.

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Available Programs

Integrator Coaching Program

Program for first-time Integrators who understand the need for learning and/or improving their integrator skills to serve their company better.

Growing Your Business - Operational Program

We're here to help you unlock your business's true potential. These sessions will help you get out of the weeds or out of operational tasks that weigh you down and don't enable you to focus on business growth or other strategic initiatives. 

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About Us...


ACP Enlightening was founded in 2019 in Houston. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who share the same passion – helping Business Owners with a Growth Mindset, respectful with people, who feel frustrated running their businesses as they do not have time, focus, and energy to make the business grow, are stuck, and can't go to the next level by themselves.

We understand the struggles of running a business, so we help teams providing with practical operational tools, easy to follow and generate traction. Accompany and push them every step of the way every day to grow and help them find a better version of themselves.

We are more than just consultants. We become integral to our client's journeys, providing continuous support and motivation. And guess what? We're totally hooked on working with companies running under EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). 

We aim to help businesses evolve and become better versions of themselves.


Andrea is a skilled operation professional with extensive Chief Operations Officer experience in a variety of organizations. Andrea is able to integrate detailed modern processes into sophisticated tools such as Microsoft Dynamics and She is also an experienced leading skilled professionals. Andrea is experienced with popular modern business operational methods such as Traction and Scaling Up. Andrea is respectful and loyal and an asset to any organization.

Paul Carrol, Avion Wealth






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