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“Vision without traction is merely hallucination.”

Gino Wickman
About me
Andrea C. Perales
Fractional Integrator

After 20+ years of learning and helping multi-million-dollar companies scale their business, I have decided to leverage my expertise and help smaller companies put in place the same successful practices that have helped my previous employers grow. 
What I discovered I MOST LOVE is helping business owners and their team breakthrough their limits, helping them with care and compassion, to discover their potential for growth.  
My passion and expertise are clearing that path, by enlightening business owners and executives to make their companies run smoothly, profitably and simple.  

PMP – Project Management Professional 
Six Sigma Black Belt 
CPA in Argentina 


Caring with Compassion

Showing concern for others with sympathetic 
consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Influence by Helping First

The act of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command. 


Always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.


The state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded. 

Growth & Learning

Maximizing and elevating self and others.  

ACP Enlightening

Simplify, add clarity and grow your company! 
Enlightening Business Owners and Executives to make their Companies run smoothly and accompany them to the next level in their Vision. 
Giving someone greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation 

What is a Fractional Integrator? 

The Integrator is a compliment and necessity to the owner of the business (Visionary) who needs to stay high level and focus on the big picture.  
What an Integrator does: 
  • Remove any obstacles preventing the business from performing effectively 
  • Glue for the Organization 
  • Help run meetings between departments 
  • Hold the leadership team to a high standard of accountability 
  • Harmoniously integrate the Leadership Team 
  • Moving the organization through problem-solving and towards meeting goals 
  • Tie-Breaker for the leadership team 
What makes this position crucial is that it allows for an owner to have someone who is accountable for focusing exclusively on improving the effectiveness of a business.  

This ability to have someone work on the business rather than in the business is what allows companies to grow rapidly and overall function at a higher level.

Reasons to hire a Fractional Integrator

Business owners and executives who are constantly frustrated with their lack of time, focus and energy that should be dedicated to making their business grow.  
They are tired of working in their business instead of on their business.  
They wear multiple hats, but there is no visible growth.  
Moving to the next level seems impossible and demotivating - they feel like "the ceiling has already been hit for them".  

Frees the Visionary up

Things will happen and progress will be made. The Fractional Integrator will be the partner in strategic conversations and in growing the business by allowing her to do what she does best, frees the Visionary up, to do what he does best.  

Scale the company

The company will have an experienced leader, building the teams and infrastructure  to scale the company and grow it to the next level. 

Excited by growth 

Some employees will welcome the Fractional Integrator, others will feel threatened. Ultimately, the best employees are excited by growth and they respect the Visionary for having the courage to add an Integrator. 

Ability to drive change

One of the greatest abilities of the Fractional Integrator is to recognize how much change the organization can absorb. Often, the Fractional Integrator’s ability to drive change is greater than the company’s capacity to implement the changes. 

Move the company forward

It is meaningful position, it is interesting and challenging, doing the heavy lifting and move the company forward, that is Integrator's main self-rewarding… 

Staying on the same page

Staying on the same page, the Fractional Integrator knows where the Visionary wants to go, and the Visionary knows how the Fractional Integrator plans to get there.  

*** I am passionate about helping Visionaries grow their companies and I love being a Fractional Integrator. Adding a Fractional Integrator to your team might be the catalyst you need to take your business to the next level. 

Fractional Integrator Proven Process  

Our Programs

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Integrator Services

Onsite visits to implement the Proven Process and take your Leadership Team and company to the next level

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One to One Sessions

One on one - remotely              8 sessions of 90 minutes
Where we will work with the tools to simplify and make your company run smoothly and efficiently

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Group Sessions

Group - remotely
Weekly 90 min sessions    Group sessions where we will discuss tools and abilities to implement in your company and where you can bring specific roadblocks for all to solve for you…


If you are a small business owner:


"I had the opportunity to meet Andrea through a common connection from Argentina. She has really changed my perspective on how to see my business. Before meeting her, I felt completely overwhelmed in the day-to-day operational issues of my CPA firm, I was stuck. With her help, we developed and redefined the Vision, added clarity and established goals. Also, she gave me very useful tools to be a good leader and have more time to focus on what I really enjoy. What stands out most about Andrea is her passion to help, her interest in allowing me to discover the root cause of the problem and help me to visualize the passion that motivates me to do what I do."

Gabriel Martinez
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